LPA in Az - Zawiyah

The LPA main headquarters is located in Az Zawiyah. The translation of Az Zawiyah in English is a small Islamic school back in the 17th century. Az Zawiya is a place where they used to teach children primary education and intellectual education through reason and logic as well as developing spiritual knowledge. It is famous in Libya for its history in education and many people used to travel to Az Zawiyah to learn. LPA is aiming to continue this history line by providing quality education.


LPA in Tripoli

The first branch of LPA is located in Tripoli. LPA chose to open its first branch in Tripoli for the reason that it is the capital and the heart of Libya.

The education in Tripoli is considered one of the best in Libya as it has schools and institutions that provide students with different learning experience. Not only that but also the population in Tripoli is about 3 million, which shows a great market for institutions like LPA to open a branch and provide best quality education in Tripoli.

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LPA is the Official Accredited Partner Centre of NCC Education in Libya. NCC Education was originally established as a computing initiative by the British Government in 1966, NCC Education is a UK awarding body and global provider of education. Since our inception, we have developed a network of over 200 partner centres located in more than 50 countries.

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