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Posted on Jul 15, 2014

“The LPA was launched in 2014 to provide academic programs leading to degrees in the engineering fields and applied sciences; foster the creation of knowledge that benefits the regional oil and gas industry; operate as a leading international educational and research center for the oil and gas industry; and provide continuing education opportunities to professionals in the petroleum industry at large. The LPA is regionally known for its excellent academic programs in engineering and applied science as well as opportunities to conduct research.”

We will enjoy a very committed and high-achieving student body and an exciting research agenda. Our Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) will comprise forty percent of the total enrollment at the LPA; and there are active professional societies in every discipline. The LPA will be financed and governed by a private owner and international partners.  We collaborate with many world renowned universities. We award scholarships to all the undergraduate and graduate students. All of this allows LPA to offer a rich educational experience that few institutions can match.

The students of Petroleum Academy participate in local and national internship programs. We regularly bring influential people to the campus through the Distinguished Lecture Series to stimulate our thinking. The LPA graduates have the opportunity to start their careers with the top companies in the oil and gas industry.

The strong partnerships with the oil and gas industry gives our graduates not only access to global leaders in their fields but also research funding not found in many universities.  With the unique collaboration between education and industry students prosper and succeed because of the educational opportunities and research prospects at the LPA.

Our professors, staff, and students combined with the outstanding programs and dynamic research opportunities truly make the Libyan Petroleum Academy an excellent educational institution.

As Acting President & Provost, my door is always open to you to entertain comments and suggestions on how to better serve the constituency of the Libyan Petroleum Academy.

I encourage you to explore carefully the full range of our academic opportunities where you will find inspiration and support to fulfill your educational and career goals.

Welcome to the Libyan  Petroleum Academy!

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